Tour 10a :Buon Ma Thuot- city tour – Coffee plantation-Weasel coffee (one day)

•     We greet you at either the Buon Ma Thuot airport or bus station to your hotel.
      we warmly welcome tourists to DakLak to visit beauty spot and learn more about DakLak coffee. We will introduce origin, development history of coffee here. And tourists are taken to go to visit coffee plantations, coffee groves of the Western Highlands Agro – Forestry Scientific and Technical Institute and talk to farms to have more knowledge of planting, cultivating, manufacturing process of this worldwide famous product. It’s so interesting to find out how to produce weasel coffee. After eating coffee fruits, weasels will give coffee seeds with very special taste to make top – ranking coffee. Before leaving Buon Ma Thuot, don’t miss opportunity to buy some coffee here for your dears and friends.
You also can buy coffee seed for planting in your area ..there are  some seed shops here .
     Pick up in the morning at 8 am and go to Akothon (Ako Dhong) village (the village of Ede minority people), ethnological museum of Dak Lak - Trung Nguyen coffee village -  coffee restaurant of MeHyCo to try famous coffee of Buon Ma Thuot. If you are interested in special coffee you can try and see them eating the best ripe coffee berries to make special coffee called weasel coffee  (coffee season in november).We then go to Draynur and Draysap waterfalls, an  imposing  scene - one of the biggest waterfalls of Viet Nam, ..
Have lunch with local food in waterfall ..

     we spend  two hours in walking along the river on a small track through a natural forest, its the left is a river and the right  is  erect cliffs  to get to another waterfall, Draysap, for sightseeing, and swimming, take lots of  picture, scenery here is really picturesque
    Come back  to Buon Ma Thuot center or airport depends on your idea     
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Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak, Vietnam

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