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visiting Draysap waterfall

Rural scene of the lake

Weasel Coffee

Rural scene of the lake

Elephant crossing Lak lake

Natural swimming pool

Elephant riding in Lak Lake

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Tour 9a : (three days , 2 nights) Buon Ma Thuot - Nha Trang

MONday - 06/10/2014 21:49

         After visiting the Central Highlands why not take the tour from Buon Ma Thuot to Nha Trang 185  kms
       1st day: Guests are picked up from hotel to go to  Nha Trang beach . Stop wherever you like on the highway, especially the Phuong Hoang mountain pass to take breathtaking photos from  the stunning  highlands.
      Have a seafood lunch on the way to Nha Trang after lunch we visit Thap Ba hot spring centre. There is a hot mineral water swimming pool and mud baths here. You can relax for 2 hours under mineral water waves at comfortable 37 ºC.  We check into the hotel at 4.30pm. After dinner a relaxing walk along the beach to enjoy the beauty of Nha Trang City at night.
     2nd day: Guests are picked up from hotel at 8 AM to get Da Chong Tourist Pier . Take a boat to reach the Lao Island (Monkey Island). Natural sightseeing, hundreds of wild monkeys surround and look for food from you, join some entertainment outdoor games, especially F1 mini racing. Enjoy animal shows of dog, monkey and goat. A great day out that you will enjoy.
     Return to Nha Trang city.
     3rd day: One boat day trip to go to  4 different Islands (Mun Island, Mot Island, Tam Island, fishing village)
     We will leave from hotel for getting  the pure, quiet and clean water areas . Relax under warm sunshine, walking on a deserted sandy beach,  tropical fresh fruit and delicious coffee ( all inclusive) are served on the boat.
      In the morning you will be Picked up from your hotel to go to  Nha Trang Harbor to go to 4 islands 
     1- get to  the Mun Island
     Stopping for two hours at Mun Island for snorkelling, sunbathing. Great fun !
     2- Have lunch on Mot Island (with fresh seafood: shrimp, blue crabs, cuttlefish or squids, beef, noodle, plain rice and vegetarian). After lunch, enjoy the floating bar (red wine, beer and beverage) only beer or other beverages are extra.
    3-Tam Island. Here you’ll enjoy the nice, clean and quiet beach
·   4- Visit the fishing village. You’ll see some of water cages where fishermen raise their fish stock. You can rent a basket boat to learn about their lifestyle, culture and customs.
     Return to harbor.

     Return to your hotel.
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Chính (Mr)
Tour Operator
E-mail : Happytour.chinh@yahoo.com
Hot line: (+84) 905159726
Website: Daklaktour.com and Buon ma thuot tour.com
Happy Travel Co., Ltd ; Tel +84.2623911424  
Buon Ma Thuot, DakLak, Vietnam

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Visiting DrayNur waterfall

Visiting DrayNur waterfall

stone mountain of love


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Lak Lake

stone mountain of love

DrayNur waterfall

Rural scene of the lake